Abi Buswell Artist graduates Gray's School of Art Aberdeen
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Abi Buswell Artist

Proud to say that my daughter, and book cover artist, Abi Buswell, qualified in BA Hons Degree in Painting Fine Art from Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen. She will be exhibiting in the Degree Show from 17th to 24th June 10am to 8pm weekdays and 10am to 5pm weekends.

abi buswell artist
Her work is in response to the monumental movement of people following the European Migrant Crisis since 2015. She attempts to communicate an aspect of the near impossible journey they undertake from war torn countries like Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran.

Clothing is the smallest dominion we dwell in - a habitable space we carry with us. A refugee's clothes are significant, as they are amongst the very few possessions they can afford to take with them when they leave their homes. Images of clothes draped over makeshift refugee camp washing lines and clothes washed up on the shoreline - worn, salt-washed and weathered - are sources she uses to inform her work.

Wooden pallets are another recurring motif in her work. Pallets are associated with delivery, telling a story of movement and migration, and thus provide a metaphor for the journey a refugee takes across the sea.

Her previous exhibitions include:

2016 Rapid, AU Gallery, Vienna, Austria

2017 Whatever Sticks, Kuku Klubi, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 SPD Painting Exhibition, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen

2017 Pre-Degree Show, Edinburgh Palette, St Margaret's House, Edinburgh ('Rapid' and 'Whatever Sticks' are the names of the exhibitions)

Abi is currently working on my 6th book cover for me, the novelist C.G. Buswell.

It would be wonderful if you supported her by words of thanks on her FB account or going along to her degree show. Thanks!




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