Why Authors Like Good Feedback Reviews on Amazon and Good Reads
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Why Authors Like Good Reviews

Authors love it when a reader leaves a review, especially a great one, at websites like Amazon or Good Reads. It is not just an ego trip. The feedback helps in so many ways. One major help is in sales. Good feedback and the all-important 5 stars encourages others to buy novels and short stories.
Writing Love Scenes in Books

The star rating on Amazon is also important to help the author get to the top in their search results for any keywords they have chosen. Online shopping sites know that if they put a popular item at the top, they will sell more and make more money. Great news for the author. Especially if a reader goes on to buy their back catalogue of works.

We are permitted seven keywords per book at Amazon. That's not many when you consider that most novels are from 50,000 words each, though 70,000+ is the norm. So, having a keyword at the top will help get writers noticed by potential readers and hopefully a literary agent or a publisher - the dream of all indie authors, myself included!

I love any form of feedback on my work. It allows me to grow as a writer and to learn what my readers like. That way I can write the stories they love to read whilst growing and developing my writing skills. So, ask me any questions via the Good Reads site, on Facebook or by e-mail. It'll help me develop!

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