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Biography of Author C.G.Buswell

author c g buswell Chris Buswell joined the Army in 1987 as a Combat Medical Technician and from Keogh Barracks was posted to 19 Field Ambulance in Colchester. In 1988 he started RGN training and was soon posted to the Cambridge Military Hospital and began hearing tales of the Grey Lady ghost. He qualified as a staff nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Military Hospital in 1991 and was posted back to the CMH that year where he worked on paediatric, intensive care, casualty and medical wards. Other postings in his career included the Field Surgical team in Belize, Akrotiri in Cyprus and Haslar Hospital in Gosport.

Chris developed a love for writing during his 10 year service career and has had numerous articles published in journals like Professional Nurse, Nursing Standard and the Nursing Times.

He now writes full-time and lives in Boddam, Aberdeenshire with his 30+ White Doves Fantails, 8 Pigeons, 4 Chickens, a Tortoise - o aye and a wife.

He wanted to include his middle initial in his novels after George Main, his Grandfather, who served with the 2nd Battalion Gordon Highlanders during World War Two. His novels will always feature historical actions of the Gordons.

To date he has never met the Grey Lady and will still run a mile if he did! He hopes that his series of military ghost stories in the Grey and Scarlet series won't lead him to be haunted because his running days are over.

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